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Swine Flu Is Getting Worse


The following is a list of the Most Popular OTC, OTCBB, Pink Sheets boutiques s going into July 31, 2009. Topping the list today is American Green Group. American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) – AMSC came out with outstanding earnings due to China beefing up their Wind Turbine industry. I was wanting to buy FAZ when FAS broke $55 but hesitated due to the stock market breaking higher. Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTIC) – Waiting for CTIC to close above $1.50 and I will buy the stock which looks like it could happen Thursday yet. All of this could trigger another stock market crash. Analyst Reports: Market players essentially go through several analyst reports which are published periodically mentioning about the BUY and SELL stocks. Daily Finan. Bull 3X Shs(ETF)(FAS) – I am looking to buy FAZ if FAS breaks through $59.93 which was Monday’s low. Investors that have had the fortitude to fight pessimistic sentiment to buy at the bottom have been greatly rewarded. Whether this is the bottom or not, a key component of successful investing, or trading for that matter, is to have a plan in place ahead of time with risk and money management rules in place, and to stick to your plan.


Forex trading is open for trading 24 hours a day 5 days a week. The reason I continue to list HEB day after day is because if the FDA does approve Ampligen, you could see an HGSI like move in the stock. The stock hitting new highs recently proves that Disney doesn’t need to play nice with income investors to win the Wall Street game. In fiscal 2020, it had sales of $22.3 billion and net income of $1.69 billion, flat to a year earlier. During the third quarter, gross orders catapulted 131% higher from the year-ago period, with gross merchandise value effectively doubling to $9.3 billion. Wall Street is having a whipsaw day, with the Dow turning positive after opening with triple-digit losses. The calendar is turning to a new year, bringing hopes and fears of what lies ahead. Another cause of death was to do with the surpassing of stress threshold limits. British Medical Association expert Dr Richard Jarvis said, “I think parents would want to take into account that the flu – although this particular strain is relatively mild for the most part – is something that will knock people off their feet for a few days and we are seeing appreciable morbidity, severe side-effects and sadly the occasional death”.