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Shidafzan: Financial Management (Chapter 4: Financial Analysis-Sizing Up Firm Performance)

May be I will change my mind in the near future, I don’t know. Moreover, the facilities provided to baby boomers would be much more improved in future, especially with regards to the aspects of technology and quality. Based on February 2015 Pricing & Trailing 12 month numbers: 2807 US technology and 6076 non-technology companies. At best you will get 2-3 companies matching the criteria in a day. How did they get it so WRONG? Neah Power Systems, Inc. (NPWS.OB) – NPWS is looking to get listed on the AMEX unique boutique exchange. Some of you might think that I should sell all those hopeless losing stocks in my portfolio, get the cash and put them in better quality stocks which can rebound faster than others. I think I might need to wait for another quarter. I think crude oil price will not stay at low level for a long long time.


If I remember correctly, at that time Cold Eye wrote some articles encouraging investors to look into O&G stocks after being depressed for so long. Though I didn’t read a lot at that time, somehow I came across those articles and I agreed with him. Though it seems like the company has invested a lot on new machinery and capabilities in its Malaysia & Vietnam operations, I might have bought it too early. Almost at the same time, I purchased DKSH after it has dropped so much from above RM4 probably because it raised a lot of debts to buy “SCS butter”. At the same time I was worried about the debts of Armada & Dayang. Share price of Dayang at that time was around 70-80sen, now everyone knows that it is about RM2.60 after a famous investor goes onboard. I went through some of the O&G companies and short-listed 3 of them as potential buy: Armada, Dayang & Hibiscus.